Privacy Policy

ROYAL ROAD BARCELONAoffers national and international transport of passengers, transfers from / to the airport of Barcelona, ​​Girona Airport , Reus and also to or from the Cruise Terminal of the Port of Barcelona.

ROYAL ROAD BARCELONAcharges services to its customers by credit card using the secure payment system PayPal, the most important method of payment with or without a credit card.

The budget given by ROYAL ROAD BARCELONA is the one you pay, without no extra for hours or luggage. Once loaded the card the customer will receive the confirmation by email.

The customer must provide all information relating to the collection point and destination. Customers also have to communicate any changes or modifications with more than 24 hours before < b > ROYAL ROAD BARCELONA < / b > email: with a minimum of at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise no refund of amounts received by the service and be informed of the new price. Transfers from the airport will have a wait time of 60 minutes after the flight arrival. Transfers from the cruise terminal port will have a waiting time of 45 minutes maximum ..

To cancel or change any of our services, the client must notify < b > ROYAL ROAD BARCELONA < / b > through our email : with a minimum of at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise they will be no refund of amounts received by the service.

< B > ROYAL ROAD BARCELONA < / b > informs its customers there are some compelling reasons that can prevent us from meeting our commitments. These reasons include: traffic accidents, police checks or weather problems and natural disasters.

On our vehicles it is not allowed to eat, drink or smoke.

Customers are responsible for ensuring that their luggage is loaded and unloaded at all times.

< B > ROYAL ROAD BARCELONA < / b > has hired vehicle insurance covering liability risks under Spanish law.

Any misunderstanding in the application of the terms of the contract will be settled by the courts of Barcelona (Spain)